6 Reasons Why Ballroom and Latin Dancing are Better Than Gym Membership

6 Reasons Why Ballroom and Latin Dancing are Better Than Gym Membership

Staying fit and healthy is the new talk of the town. Everyone wants to be in shape, especially before the beach season starts off! After all, who wouldn’t  like to look sexy and good in that sleek new swimsuit, and then, the Memorial Day weekend also begins on May 28. Although there are different ways that you can stay in shape and lose that extra body fat, the two most common ways are Ballroom and Latin dancing and going to the gym.

However, mostly people are confused between the two. It is a fact that both Ballroom and Latin Dancing and gym exercises can be beneficial for the human body. However, it is also a fact that running on a treadmill can be really boring compared to moving your body to your favorite music.

Ballroom and Latin dancing is considered good for your emotional and psychological health as well.  You do not need any special tools or instruments for dancing and location is obviously not a constraint for dancing. Moreover, dancing is an activity liked by both men and women, no matter what country, no matter what ethnicity! In fact, Ballroom and Latin dancing is becoming more popular with each passing day.

There are 6 reasons why Ballroom and Latin Dancing are better than taking up that gym membership.

1. It is complete fun

Accept it! Going to a gym requires motivation and it is actually difficult to make it a part of your regular routine. However, it is not the same with dancing, especially Ballroom and Latin Dancing. Even health specialists believe that when you love your workout, your body responds positively to the exercises. Ballroom and Latin dancing is surely fun and can make your workout sessions all the more exciting.

2. It is an effective creative outlet

Gym exercises can be monotonous and boring unless you hire a special trainer who can add a little creative angle to it. However, there is little or no depth to it. With dancing, it is not so. Different moves, different free forms, and obviously exquisite costumes add zeal to the activity. Thus it is more interesting to take part in a dancing activity rather than visiting the gym.

3. It includes a Aerobics as well

Ballroom and Latin Dancing includes both aerobic and anaerobic characteristics , which is considered to be the best form of exercise. Combination of both the types can prove to be highly beneficial for your body. Aerobic exercises involving  constant moving and dancing moves such as isolating, jumping and  stretching,  are excellent examples of these aerobic exercises only. Dancing movements such as lunging, balancing and  corte, etc are forms of anaerobic exercises. Ballroom and Latin dancing is a wonderful combination of all these exercises and thus can ensure the exercise of every part of your body.

4. Different types of Dancing

Every dance form includes different types of moves. You get to try new and innovative dance moves with your partner while listening to various songs. In fact, dancing introduces you to an entirely new world of scintillating possibilities and goals for your body. Now imagine just running on that boring treadmill every day without any change. Obviously,   your body would like to choose the exciting Ballroom and Latin dancing over to gym workout.

5.It provides flexibility and muscle tone

Dancing undoubtedly lends you a helping hand in making your body more flexible. Moreover, it can stretch your body into ways that you would have never imagined before. At any age, flexibility of body parts is most desirable and dancing can definitely help you in achieving it. Moreover, dancing also leads to muscle tone and can speed up the time required for muscle healing.

6. Music makes you fast

The tempo of  music decides the speed  your body moves and also how much you can push yourself. Thus, music gives your body  the freedom to move its tempo and dancing provides you with endless choices of music!

Concluding Thought

Ballroom and Latin dancing is a beneficial form of exercise that can make your workouts really enjoyable and exciting. So, why to go for those boring gym sessions when you can actually take advantage of Ballroom and Latin dancing? We are here to help, contact Lake Shore Dance Academy so we can help you get back into shape with Ballroom and Latin Dancing.