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Anna Strojek
Founder & Co- Owner

Anna looks forward to joining you on the dance floor to create new, life long memories.

From the time she first stepped into dance studio at age six in Poland, the world of dance held a very special place in the heart of Anna Strojek. Now, after years of study and performance, she is respected for infusing her students with this joy, whether they’re enjoying special nights out, memorable wedding dances or competitive events.

Anna’s path began in Krakow, Poland, where she grew up practicing, and studying Ballroom Dance and the traditional dances of her native land. She moved to the United States in 2005 to study for a traditional, non-dance career. But even as she worked to earn her degree, the dream of dance lived on. It wasn’t until she earned her degree that she knew for certain that her true passion and talents lay in dance. She left that world for the life of dance, and hasn’t looked back.

In the years since, Anna has won numerous competitions, in both the Pro/Am and Showcase divisions, thriving on the thrill of competition, and the discipline of practice. She has competed in the Professional American Rhythm Division (NDCA), and has placed as a finalist in numerous U.S. competitions.

Before too long, Anna’s broad-based expertise led to her being sought out as a teacher. So while she continues to compete professionally, she now also teaches North Shore dancers of every age and level. Reviews of her group and private lessons repeatedly point out her gift for being equally effective with beginners as well as advanced dancers, and her ability to adjust her patient, lighthearted style to match the unique needs and aspirations of every single student.

Anna’s dance knowledge is unusually diverse. She is proficient in, and certified by the National Dance Council of America to teach, all American and International Style Ballroom dances (Waltz, ChaCha, Foxtrot, Tango, Rhumba and many more) as well as popular social dances including Salsa, Hustle, Bachata, West Coast Swing, Merengue and others. She teaches children as well, serving as their instructor and choreographer in preparation for diverse Latin competitions and showcases.

Anna also specializes in choreographing and teaching stunning customized wedding and special event dances.

Like so many who love to dance, Anna considers dancing to be the true expression of her soul. She appreciates the opportunity to share her passion about ballroom dance, and is inspired by the commitment -- and sometimes hard work -- that her students put into creating memorable dance experiences.


  • 2012 Winner of Chicago Crystal Ball Pro/AM Latin
  • 2012 Winner of Wisconsin State DanceSport Championships Pro/AM Latin
  • 2013 USDC Pro/Am Latin Finalist

Finalist, Open Professional & Rising Star Division:

  • 2014 Wisconsin State DanceSport Championships
  • 2014 Windy City Open,
  • 2014 Indiana Challenge
  • 2014 Chicago Crystal Ball
  • 2015 Wisconsin State DanceSport Championships
  • 2015 Windy City Open
  • 2015 Cincinnati Ballroom Classic
  • 2015 Chicago Crystal Ball
  • 2015 Cleveland DanceSport Challenge
  • 2016 Indianapolis Open DanceSport
  • 2016 Wisconsin State DanceSport Championships

Finalist, Open Professional & Rising Star Division:

  • 2017 Cincinnati Ballroom Classic
  • 2017 Cleveland DanceSport Challenge
  • 2017 Motown Showdown DanceSport Challenge
  • 2017 Chicago Harvest Moon Ball DanceSport Championship


  • NDCA (National Dance Council of America) certified through DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association)
  • 2016 Associate of Dance Degree of American Rhythm style
  • 2016 Associate of Dance Degree of American Latin style
  • 2016 Associate of Dance Degree of American Smooth style
  • Currently pursuing Master of Dance Degree

Alex Arteaga


Alex has been a fixture in the Chicagoland dance community for 20+ years.

Dance has led him on a journey through different creative aspects and many cherished relationships. He has been a great example of the benefits of dancing from health to social enrichment and continues to work on his dance education.
Before dancing became the point of focus, Alex was a three-sport athlete in high school. It was the motivation derived from watching dancers at a Club that prompted Alex to pursue his first lesson. It was love at the first step and the discipline derived from team sports allowed them to stay the course in pursuit of his newfound passion.

Alex has since trained under some of the top coaches in the world and continues to increase his dance knowledge. Core principles may remain the same but dance evolves, like life, to which Alex enjoys following its path. Alex still competes and performs with his students at different events throughout the year. He also enjoys a good social dance so you may find him out enjoying the community from ballroom to country dancing.

Sports hasn't left Alex as he still follows the local teams and catches a game or two in person when time allows. Alex also enjoys a good red wine when relaxing after a day of dancing. Outside interests allow him to come back with a fresh approach and new ideas.

Dancing may seem like an ingrained passion in him but it took much practice to achieve a high level of proficiency. Alex is a big believer that if you don't allow yourself to enjoy the ride, you won't be able to unlock your true ability. Be sure to trust the process.
See you at the Studio!

Nicolas Rodriguez
Dance Director 

Making a difference through passion for dance!

Nicolas is a passionate and experienced dance instructor, specializing in Ballroom and Latin dances. With over 11 years of experience, he’s truly committed to his own growth as well as witnessing the growth and transformation of his students.

His talent and love for movement to music was seen and appreciated at a very young age. He was famous for all of his dance performances at his high school talent shows. Nicolas started in 2009 as a choreographer for Angel Quinceanera’s dance company. He became known for sharing his creative ideas and successfully preparing students for important events such as: Quinceanera’s, weddings, social dance events, and led him to successfully preparing many students to Pro/Am National dance competitions later on in his career.


At the age of 19 he was inspired to continue his growth by becoming a professional dancer and instructor. This led Nicolas to start working in a ballroom dance studio. By training under some of the top coaches in the country, he quickly became one of the most successful and influential teachers at that studio. Thanks to his excellent ability to work with all different personalities, he creates a friendly environment for his students to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Throughout his professional career, he had the privilege of performing and placing as a Finalist at the most prestigious ballroom dance competitions in the American Rhythm dance division all over the United States.

His positive energy and passion for personal growth through dance has a great impact on all his students and coworkers.

In his free time you can find him mastering martial arts, traveling and expanding on his personal growth through reading books and continued dance training.