Dance is an art where age has no boundaries! People of all ages can learn how to dance. Students from 8 to 80 have learned to dance in a fun and easy way at Lake Shore Dance Academy!

Dancing has so many benefits to improve your physical, mental and social well being; even physicians have recommended students continue dancing based on the benefits they have experienced! The greatest benefit of learning to dance is that your dancing will last a lifetime. It will enrich you life, and always be there for you to enjoy!

As you glide across the dance floor with your partner in your arms, don’t be surprised if you notice other benefits of dance:

Health Benefits

  • Improved Balance & Agility
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Muscle Tone & Flexibility
  • Improved Posture
  • Increased Stamina & Muscle Strength
  • Higher Energy Level
  • Reduced Blood Pressure & Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Improved Cholesterol Levels
  • Depression Relief & Stress Reduction
  • Improved Memory & Concentration, as well as delayed onset of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Delayed Progression of Osteoporosis or Type 2 Diabetes.

Social Benefits

  • Making Yourself Happy!
  • Find Or Rekindle a Romance
  • Build Confidence both on and off the dance floor
  • Get in Touch with your Body, and Become more Graceful and Poised
  • Self Expression & Creativity
  • Create Friendships & Social Contacts
  • Exercise That’s Fun (Barbells and Treadmills Can’t Even Compete with a Night of Dancing)
  • Stimulating Relaxation at the End of the Day!
  • Enjoying Dancing at Weddings, Parties, Fundraisers and on Cruises
  • Always saying “ YES”! to an Invitation to Dance
  • Having A New Hobby & Creative Outlet
  • Being Challenged and Having A Sense of Achievement