Winnetka Ballroom Dance Lessons: The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Dancing

Winnetka Ballroom Dance Lessons: The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Dancing

Winnetka Ballroom Dance Lessons- Do’s and Don’ts of Social Dancing.

Wow, what a journey you have experienced at the Lake Shore Dance Academy! You have worked incredibly hard to learn various techniques and dance moves and you are feeling ready to make your dancing debut! Now before you start dancing at the next wedding you are invited to, you may wonder Where else can I dance besides weddings, cruises, or dinner dates or even dance clubs? Fortunately there are several opportunities to dance at the Lake Shore Dance Academy, especially at its dance parties! At these parties, dancers of all ages and skills are not only able to enjoy dancing socially, but they are able to practice multiple dances and techniques and even increase their confidence on the dance floor! To help you prepare for the lively dance parties at Lake Shore Dance Academy, there are a few things to keep in mind before and throughout the time you are dancing socially at these events.

Before the event:


ballroom dancing dress codes decoded

Pay attention to hygiene. Enjoy a shower before the event and apply deodorant. Also brush your teeth so you can share a smile with your dance partner, instead of sharing what you had for supper on your canine.

Bring mints along so you can experience a refreshing start to a new song with your partner.

Dress appropriately. Consider the environment you will be dancing: is it semi-formal or formal? Your clothes should also fit you accordingly; so if some extra skin shows when stretching your arms out, bending town, or twirling, then reconsider your wardrobe choice. Finally, your shoes should be light and comfortable. Ideally your dance shoes should have a suede sole, which are found in ballroom dance shoes.

Expect a variety of dances throughout the function: from energetic, yet passionate, salsa to the flowing and gentle waltz. You will be able to participate and perhaps spectate a variety of music and dances.


Wear clothes that are extremely revealing. It is more fun to pay attention to your dance partner instead of needing to constantly adjust your wardrobe while you dance.

Use an excessive amount of perfume or cologne for the event. Although the fragrance may be personally enticing, it may bother other guests at the event and it may be possible for people to be allergic to the scent.

Wear squeaky rubber sole and/or uncomfortable shoes. Wearing such attire can lead to a premature end to your night out because these shoes can make it more challenging to move around the dance floor.

At the event:


Smile! It can help add to the lively atmosphere and possibly help you and your partner feel more at ease.

Be proactive. Look for possible dance partners on the floor by smiling and making friendly eye contact, and kindly approach them and invite them to dance with you. Nowadays, it is extremely common for both men and women to invite someone to dance with them. You can meet some really fun and fascinating people!

Be polite. Remember, to invite someone to dance. Never assume that a fellow party guest always wants to dance. Here are some friendly phrases to invite someone to dance: “Would you like to dance with me?” and “Can I have this dance?” Avoid using aggressive dialogue, such as “Are we going to dance or what?” Be sure to escort your partner onto and off of the floor. Finally, thank your partner for dancing with you.

Pay attention to the floor craft; or in other words, the movement-type of each dance style. Latin and rhythm dances are usually stationary, while smooth and standard dances move with line of dance counter-clockwise. Also, do not forget to stay in the line of dance – faster dancers to the outside of the floor, slower towards the center.

Be conscientious of your partner’s dancing abilities. Support your partner by using techniques they are comfortable with. If you are unsure of your partner’s dancing skills, you can ask them directly or stick to the fundamental and enjoyable dance moves. It is important to have fun with your partner, rather than attempting techniques and moves they are unfamiliar with.

Apologize whenever stepping on someone’s toes or bumping into them while and/or after dancing regardless if they were at fault. No one enjoys getting their feet stepped on or bumped into.

Applaud the band at the end of the song (if applicable). By clapping, you are showing the band you appreciate their talents and hard work. Remember, the band is there to make the environment lively and memorable.

Consider taking dance lessons at Lake Shore Dance Academy. We are here to help, our teachers are caring, positive, and knowledgeable. It is important to us that you are comfortable and confident as we help you learn how to dance. At each lesson at Lake Shore Dance Academy, you will have fun and further enrich your colorful life with this new experience.


Be rude. When someone is courageous enough to ask you to dance embrace the moment, say yes, and dance with them. However, there are a few instances where you do not have to accept the invitation: 1) You do not know the dance. 2) You are injured and are just spectating and/or supporting someone. 3) You are feeling unwell. 4) You promised a fellow dancer that you would dance with them. 5) You were getting ready to leave the event. 6) You feel unsafe. If you do feel this way, then cordially decline the invitation.

Be offended when someone declines an invitation to dance. It is likely that the fellow dancer and/or partner needs a break from dancing or get a drink of water. It is important to stay hydrated when dancing the night away.

Teach your dance partner steps or techniques, especially if they didn’t ask. Such a gesture is considered to be rude and even obnoxious when being told “No, you’re doing it wrong.” And “Let me show you how…” As developing dancers, each of us have our own style and ability level; and one of the last things fellow dancers want to hear is a critique while at such dance parties.

Blame your partner for a misstep. We all make mistakes. Instead of pointing a figure at your dance partner, reassure them and encourage them to keep on dancing. Social dancing is meant to be unique to the moment, not preparation for your next completion, let alone the Olympics. You are here to have fun, so brush off a single misstep and embrace the rest of the event.

Try out any new or outrageous dance moves. Unless you are performing a choreographed dance that may include dips, drops, or tricks, none of these movements should be emulated with your dance partner. Furthermore, such attempts could not only be harmful to you and your partner but possibly to fellow dancers.

DON’T forget to smile! Smiling can help ease your (and your partner’s) nerves before, during, and after you dance.

These are just few Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind as you attend and dance at other social events as well as dance parties at Lake Short Dance Academy. The best part of these types of social functions is that you are able to practice your dance moves and your confidence as a dancer will increase! I am confident that with these foundational tips and tricks to follow (and avoid) you will be able to enjoy a dance party experience you will never forget. If you are looking for Ballroom Dance Lessons in Winnetka, don’t wait! Call us and we will help with your new dance journey!

Happy Dancing!