Sensuous Salsa Classes- Salsa Dance Lessons in North Shore!

Sensuous Salsa Classes- Salsa Dance Lessons in North Shore!

What better way to spend  hot summer days than learning the steamy dance of salsa? Originating in the Caribbean, Salsa – which yes, it is named for it’s hotness  and spiciness – continues to grow in popularity. Bring your partner or meet others at Lake Shore Academy and learn this beautiful art of Salsa. We recommend Salsa Dance Lessons highly for several reasons:

1. Salsa is so much FUN !

This fun dance brings dancers together through its Afro-Cuban roots, passion and liveliness. There is a shared joy in executing the steamy and intricate footwork and routines. We promise that you will find great new hobby and  fell in love with Salsa Dance Lessons.

2. Salsa is a WORKOUT!

So, what is the benefit of Salsa? Well, this particular dance helps you keep in shape by burning 400-500 calories in an hour! Focusing on the lower half of your body, we keep our  upper parts level to each other – a simple way to improve cardio and improve weight loss through shimmies, arm work, spins and lifts. We think it’s much more delightful than running nowhere on a treadmill!

When you’re dancing the salsa, it will be a workout, but it certainly won’t feel like one. Dancing is something that everyone can enjoy. There’s no excuses not to get involved – even if you feel like you have two left feet, a few classes and you’ll be dancing! – literally!

3. Salsa opens the door to other dances!

Known internationally, Salsa has introduced Latin America’s culture and musical roots, which has a wonderful and fun vibe to let your hair down to! Surprisingly, Salsa may vary stylistically in various locales – New York’s salsa scene historically has had more of a Puerto Rican influence, while Florida’s remains much more anchored in Cuba – but a Salsa aficionado can dance anywhere. Nevertheless, Salsa opens the doors to other Latin American dances, such as the Mambo, Cha-Cha, Forro, Tango and Bachata. Latin American dances are hot  and focus a lot on moving your hips, so don’t be shy in showing us your sensuous side! Unlock the confidence you have hidden away for all these years and express yourself in an encouraging and safe environment.

4. Salsa brings people together!

Whether you’re single or not, Salsa has a fabulous way of bringing people together. In fact, if you’re looking for love, it has been known that this dance has brought couples together – so why not come along to find out if this helps you find true love? There’s no more of a perfect place for flirting than on a dance floor! Gaze into your partner’s eyes and search their soul for the salsa dancer that lives in us all.

Previous couples have found that dancing strengthens their relationship and bond, and it’s great to see them enjoy learning a new skill together! When you are spending such focused on each other, it’s no wonder sparks start to fly all over again! Don’t be shy in bringing along your partner and have some fun on the dance floor. Spend a  date night learning some Salsa moves! If you are looking for the perfect place to learn salsa dancing, look no further! Lake Shore Dance Academy proudly serves all North Shore communities including Evanston, Glencoe, Highland Park, Kenilworth, Lake Forest, Wilmette, and Winnetka! Contact us today to start your salsa dance lessons!