Laura and Trenton’s Dance Journey: First Dance Lessons Evanston

Laura and Trenton’s Dance Journey: First Dance Lessons Evanston

Laura and Trenton’s Dance Journey: First Dance Lessons Evanston

The first time I met this cute, committed, and energetic couple was April of 2019 during the complimentary consultation and wedding dance lessons in Evanston. Laura was finishing her education at Kellogg Business School at Northwestern University. While Trenton was dedicated to his career which involved a lot of traveling. 

I quickly learned this couple had ambitious plans to wow their guests for their wedding dance: a mash up!  Needless to say, I was very excited to help them achieve their first dance vision.  We quickly got to work and started discussing their dance plans.  Since it was a mash-up we agreed that altogether their first dance would be about 4 minutes.  Their mash-up vision began with a more traditional tone, and then were pumped to switch to something that was fast and fun.  We also talked about their wedding attire, which Laura was happy to oblige –while omitting some important details from Trenton!  Laura’s dress was a silk, sheath-style gown, which is gorgeous and easy to work with especially when ballroom dancing is involved!

Like I shared, Laura and Trenton were an ambitious and eager couple and were more than ready to learn the basic steps of social dancing. They took first dance lessons in Evanston.  Working with this couple was always a treat because they were very attentive to learning the steps, and more importantly to each other!  The way they looked at each other made it ever clearer that these two were made to be together.  Naturally, the first dance lessons in Evanston evolved into memorable date nights for them! 

After learning the basic steps to various social dances, the three of us were able to marry songs and steps to their wedding dance vision!  Here is what they chose for their fabulous mash-up: “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra and “My Best Friend” by Queen.  “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra was danced as an elegant Foxtrot and “My Best Friend” by Queen was performed as a fun East Coast Swing. Oh, I cannot forgot to share Trenton’s favorite move, which was the final lift that was sealed with a kiss!  Honestly, these two pieces perfectly fit the traditional then upbeat vibe Laura and Trenton envisioned. Plus these two songs also fit their unique personality as a couple!  

Laura and Trenton’s hard work during the dance lessons in Evanston paid off because their beautiful first dance was fully finished two weeks before beginning a new chapter in their lives in Georgia!  I couldn’t imagine it either – planning to move in addition to planning a wedding!  Like I said before, this couple is quite ambitious!  And now you might be wondering what their special day was like, well let me share that I was fortunate enough to work with Laura and Trenton’s photographer and was able to get an inside look at their love story!!


This beautiful La Venta Inn Wedding started with a stunning ceremony at Wayfarer’s Chapel. Trenton’s parents were also married at Wayfarer’s so Laura and Trenton decided to continue the family tradition and we are so very thankful they did!

These two first met during college and have been inseparable ever since! Their proposal story was a perfect surprise that Laura didn’t see coming. “Trenton, who is a co-founder of a sustainability-as-a-service company, pretended that his company was having a party at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for their investors. Trenton encouraged me to pick out a new dress and get my nails done for the occasion. I did this while Trenton ‘practiced his speech for the investors.’ I was confused why Trenton was so stressed about the potential for rain as I knew the gardens had covered areas and there must be a rain plan for such a big event. Trenton walked me through the gardens to where he thought the event was happening. We entered a small courtyard outside the orchid house and all that was there was a bottle of champagne and two champagne flutes. Next thing I knew Trenton was on his knees and our three best friends jumped out of the bushes with signs saying ‘Laura Henchey will you marry me?’ I said yes quite quickly!”

We love the care and love that Trenton showed his bride through this proposal and we love that that care continues into their life as a married couple. Their decision to get married felt just natural. “It was very organic. A few years after graduating college, we realized how much we’d been through together. Lots had changed since we met, but what stayed the same, and only grew stronger, was our love for each other.”