It’s Halloween, but that’s no reason to be spooked for your first ballroom dance lesson!

It’s Halloween, but that’s no reason to be spooked for your first ballroom dance lesson!

Below are some simple tips to help make sure your first ballroom dance lesson is a treat:

1. What to wear:

Comfortable attire.
You’ll be moving your body, so clothes that allow you to feel comfortable and confident are ideal. Witch costumes and bedsheet ghosts aren’t allowed, sorry. Think “Business Casual”. Tank tops and jeans are a too informal, but a tuxedo isn’t necessary.
Clean shoes.
Ones with thin and smooth soles, or short heels are great for dancing. Keep the gym shoes, boots, and flip flops at home. If you already own a pair of dance shoes bring them along. To learn more about the perfect footwear check out:

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

2. What to Bring:

A good attitude!
Whether you’re looking to socialize, dance away the holiday pounds, or increase your confidence, approaching your first lesson with an open mind and a positive mental attitude will drastically affect your outcome and experience for the better.

3. Arrive Early:

Arriving 5-10 minutes before the first lesson allows you fill out a simple registration form and have an introductory chat with your instructor. You can discuss why you’ve signed up and any dances you’ve dreamed of learning. It’s also an opportunity to meet fellow dancers and watch them learn basic steps, ones you’ll soon be learning yourself.

4. Relax, make mistakes, have fun!

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you shouldn’t expect to become Karina Smirnoff or Patrick Swayze overnight. If you make mistakes it’s ok, we all do!

5. Ask Questions

Everyone learns differently, and if you don’t understand an instruction or topic, let us know. Your instructor is here to guide you through the wonderful world of dance and make the experience a safe and positive one.

6. What if I’m STILL Nervous!?

The lesson is only 45 minutes. Afterwards, you’ll be amazed at how quickly time flew by and how much fun you had. You’ll have a few new movements to share with your partner too. To  sign up for your first ballroom dance lesson by  Contact Us.  We will be happy to show you magic of the  Ballroom Dance World.