The Waltz

The Waltz, from the Italian word “volver,” meaning turn or revolve, is a romantic dance categorized by its signature rise & fall, and sway movement. The feet keep contact with the floor, creating the signature graceful gliding look. This ONE-two-three patterned dance will practice concepts essential to experiencing the pure joy of International Ballroom Dance.

The Tango

This dramatic dance is accented by strong, almost cat-like staccato movements. Born in Buenos Aires in the 19th century and becoming popular in the United States right before World War I, the tango embodies the strength and romance between two people. Characterized by a close hold that is more compact than other smooth dances, the tango is as exciting to dance as it is to view.

The Foxtrot

Associated with 20th century ragtime or big band music, this smooth, progressive dance is characterized by its controlled movement and easy-going look. The Foxtrot is a classic dance that will enable a dancer to transform as they learn to control their feet while developing the leg, knee, and ankle strength needed to master this dance.

The Viennese Waltz

Much like the Waltz, the Viennese Waltz is characterized by its rise & fall and sway movements, but is significantly faster in tempo than the Waltz. The increase in tempo began in 1787 when the Waltz began to appear on operatic stages and composers began to increase the number of measures per minute in their pieces. There’s an air of magic to this dance as the elegance and turns flow into a delightful pattern. The Viennese Waltz requires more technique and endurance but is a flurry of fun to dance.

The Quickstep

Originating from the Foxtrot, the Quickstep is the whimsical favorite of all experienced dancers. Incorporating the characteristic Charleston and Foxtrot moves with aspects of the Waltz, and pairing them with a quicker tempo, the Quickstep has been described as "a dance that can never grow stale, a dance that is unquestionably the most attractive expression of rhythm the world has ever known."

The Cha Cha

Developing it’s name from the sound of women’s shoes shuffling across the dance floor, the Cha Cha is a fun and lively rhythmic Latin dance. Featuring short staccato actions, exciting patterns, and rhythm changes, the Cha Cha is among the most well-known Latin dances and gives you the opportunity to cut loose and show your true personality.