Can Ballroom Dancing Help My Marriage?

Can Ballroom Dancing Help My Marriage?

Can Ballroom Dancing Help My Marriage?

When a marriage is in trouble, some people consider counseling. Others vent to friends and family. Some married couples move into a new house or take an epic vacation, thinking a radical change is what their union needs.  But instead of all of that, what about first seeing a ballroom dance instructor? Yes, you read that correctly: ballroom dance instructor.  Sure, it may sound crazy, but if you think about it, you’ll start to see a number of reasons why ballroom dancing could strengthen a teetering marriage, or add that extra spice to a well-seasoned marriage. 

This dance enthusiast, Jennifer, shares her own account of her marriage’s trials and tribulations and how ballroom dance impacted her marriage.  

Ballroom dancing is a pastime you can enjoy together.

Having different hobbies from your spouse can definitely keep things lively. However if both of you are always focusing on your own interests, then it can eventually lead to feeling emotionally disconnected from your partner.  This wonderful couple, really does a nice job explaining, the importance of having different, yet shared, hobbies –while dancing of course!  Needless to say, ballroom dancing is a fabulous way to spend time with your spouse, and develop a love for dancing! ballroom dancing help my marriege

Ballroom dancing will get you out of a rut.

Interestingly enough, even healthy marriages can experience “ruts”, which can lead to some serious problems.  Several years ago, researchers published a study in Psychological Science, which found that boredom is a significant reason for problems and tensions in a marriage. A great way to break the mundane routines of driving to work to doing the weekly grocery shopping trip, is to try something new of course –like ballroom dancing! 

Ballroom dancing is good exercise.

It may not feel like it, but ballroom dancing is terrific exercise.  Not only does ballroom dancing get YOU movin’ and groovin’, it also gets the adrenaline and endorphins movin’ and groovin’ too!  

Together, when adrenaline and endorphins are released they leave the two of you feeling good, and perhaps feeling like you did when you first met.  With ballroom dancing, you’re both doing something healthy, which will probably make you both feel even better about how you’re spending your time. And what is better than dancing and feeling good with you better half?  

Ballroom dancing can bring you closer together.

ballroom dancing help my marriegeYep, it’s true!  Ballroom dancing not only helps a marriage but it also brings people closer together –literally.  All couples can surely benefit from this since it can strengthen the marriage by truly and physically bringing the loved ones even closer.  Now, I’m not just talking about the proximity of the couple but the smaller, yet loving gestures.  Gazing into each other eyes is huge in ballroom dancing.  As you may have heard the saying, “A person’s eye is a window into their soul.” And I couldn’t agree more!  Couples also add their own flare to their dances, by having their hand gently stroke their significant other’s face at pivotal points in their dance.  Oh, and I almost forgot that some couples end their night out, or routine, with a heart-felt lip lock.  What is more romantic and sweeter than that?  Well, this couple is pretty close to being more romantic and sweeter than kiss. 

As a dance instructor, I genuinely love working with couples and seeing them grow as dancers but especially as people. 

So I would love to share one piece of advice before you go: you will come to see that ballroom dance will not be the end-all solution to the possible problems in your marriage; however, you will find that ballroom dancing can help strengthen and hopefully reinvigorate your marriage. ballroom dancing help my marriege


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