90 Best Date Ideas- Take a ballroom dance class number 4!  

90 Best Date Ideas- Take a ballroom dance class number 4!  

90 Best Date Ideas- Take a ballroom dance class number 4!

Just remember, everyone’s idea of a fun time is different. So, make sure to choose a date idea that both you and your date will enjoy. But not to worry, whether you and your date are into sports, science, adrenaline, or peace and quiet we’ve got plenty of date ideas to choose from. From romantic, unique, inexpensive  to extravagant- plenty to choose from and keep your romance going.

A great idea is to send this list to your date and have them pick a few they would like to do and go from there.A great idea is to send this list to your date and have them pick a few they would like to do and go from there. I have to mention that taking the ballroom dance class is number four on the list. Which puts it on top of the list for best ideas for date night out!

I believe each couple at some of their dating should try a  ballroom dance class for these many reasons:

1.Great date night activity.

Many dates consist of dinner and/or a movie. Ballroom dancing would be a fun date that is unique and allows you to get close to your partner. It can also be an ice breaker if you just met someone.

2. A form of exercise that you can do together.

Ballroom dancing can burn up to 400 calories an hour depending on the dance! Dancing is a great way to build up muscle strength and get in a good cardio workout while having fun with your partner.

3.Dancing relieves stress.

When home life can be stressful, dancing can be a great way to focus on something else for an hour with your partner. Dancing also releases endorphins which help to reduce your cortisol levels (stress levels).

4.You and your partner can whip out your dance moves at social events.

Whether you are at a wedding, on vacation or enjoying a live band, you will be able to dance to the music instead of swaying to the music.

5.Hobby that can truly and equally be shared.

Sometimes it can be hard to find hobbies that you and your partner are both interested in and get to equally partake in. Dancing allows both people to be able to dance together at the same time.

6.When you dance, you are whisked away (no pun intended!) from all the surroundings of “real life.”

When you engage with your partner in a ballroom dance setting that surrounds you with music, closeness, touch, and movement, it’s easy to let go of your worries and lose yourself in time spent together. Our number 2 reason for taking ballroom dancing as a couple is to rekindle the passion between you.

7.Many social engagements involve dancing.

From parties to weddings to dates, dancing could start anywhere. If you and your partner have been taking ballroom dance lessons, you are prepared for any dance scenario that should arise. Whether it be a slow waltz or a fiery tango, you can tackle it, and what’s more, you and your partner will be the star of the show!

Here are 90 idea date ideas, blow away your partner with some if these and have fun as well:

1. Take a class for something new

There are tons of places that have classes. You can often find them at the local library, a community college, a community center, or even at a craft store or hardware stores.

2. Rent bikes and go on a bike trip together

A lot of cities ( including our beautiful Chicago)  now have bikes you can borrow, and even if yours doesn’t, there is a good chance your local bike shop rents out bikes. Riding a bike around is fun, and even if it’s a bit difficult to chat while riding, you can also talk when you stop for breaks.

3. Hit up a go-kart track

Tons of fun even though it can be a little expensive. I’ve never met anyone who went around a go-kart track and was bored doing it. Sure, it won’t last all day, but it’s a fantastic add-on activity. Just remember to keep it fun and not too competitive.

4. Take a ballroom dance lesson

You don’t need to hit the club to dance, you can take a dance class! Bonus points if you take a ballroom dancing class, it is romantic, intimate and can spark even more romance…

5. Head to the zoo

Zoos are great places to walk around and talk. It’s casual and relaxed, and with so many animal exhibits, there is always something to talk about. Just be careful, if you date is morally opposed to zoos it might not be a good idea. Or if your local zoo is a bit run down it can be a little depressing.

6. Go sky diving or bungee jumping

Sure, it’ll be expensive. But it’ll definitely be a date that you’ll both remember for a long time. Just make sure that both of you are game, if your partner isn’t into it, don’t pressure them to do it.

7. Take to the skies (helicopter tour, hot air balloon, hang gliding, or just a cheap ticket from the local airport)

This one is expensive and if one of you has a fear of flying definitely give this one a miss. But if you are up for spending the coin and enjoy a trip through the skies, this can be a ton of fun.


8. Explore a local national or state park

Chances are that there are at least a couple of national or state parks within driving distance of you. Grab a takeout lunch and go experience what the park has to offer. There’s nothing like getting out in nature to soothe the soul.

9. Go ice skating

If your town has an indoor rink or if it is winter and there is a frozen pond, this is a great date idea. Once again, it helps if you are both terrible or both pretty good. But if you are good and your date isn’t, you could always try teaching them how to skate.

10. Rent motorized scooters and zip around town

I would recommend those stand-up scooters/skateboards where you have the controller in your hand. A load of fun and a great way to get around. Stop at whichever shops look exciting and make a day of it.

11. New food night.

Try out some new food items that you have no idea if you will like or not. Grab a bunch of fruit from the grocery store that you have never eaten. Grab a bunch of snacks/food/drinks from an international food store that you have no idea what they taste like. Have a taste testing night. You could also film each of your reactions.

12. Take a mini road trip to someplace not too far away

Research what there is to do in a town close by and choose something you both will be interested in. It’s like a super mini vacation to a nearby city.

13. Make a bucket list, talk about all the things you put on yours, steal good ideas and brainstorm ideas together

This is a great “get to know you” date idea. You can find out more about their goals and aspirations and see if they match or complement your own. It’s a perfect activity for a coffee shop.

14. Join a fun looking meet up together

There are a lot of meet ups these days, and they cover almost every interest. Find one that you think you’ll both find interesting and give it a shot. You can search for meet ups in “your town/city” on Google or see what meetup.com has to offer.

15. Shooting range, archery, ax throwing

Hit stuff with other stuff! Whether it’s a shooting range, archery range, or ax throwing range, it can be a ton of fun if you’ve never tried it. And if you have tried it, you can always try to do better this time! This is another one that might be a little expensive but can definitely be memorable.

16. Watch a movie in the park or at a drive-in movie theater

If there are no drive-ins in your area, make your own. Buy some snacks, find somewhere scenic to park, grab a tablet, put it on the dash.

17. Go to a botanical garden

Quiet and peaceful, botanical gardens are great for strolling around and chatting. Walk around and enjoy all the gardening work that someone else did and be glad you don’t have to deal with all that upkeep. It’s a great place to talk and get to know each other.

18. Do yoga together with a twist

Yoga and booze, yoga outside, hot yoga, naked yoga, all kinds of things you can do to make it more interesting. This is another one that is probably best done with couples that are pretty comfortable around each other. Also, it’s a little on the short side. But yeah, it can be a blast to take yoga and remix it and see if you can make it a fun date activity.

19. Find something touristy in your area that neither of you has done and do that

Most locals never get around to doing the touristy stuff. Find out what is popular in your town on TripAdvisor and pretend to be a tourist in your own town. You can even make up fake personas if you want.

20. Go to a local fundraising event

Do a little good on your date and have fun in the process. There are always groups running fundraising events, and they can be a lot of fun.

21. Go ziplining

Always nice to do something that gets the heart pumping. It’s a perfect short date idea if you don’t have a full day to have the date.

22. Go bowling

There is a bowling alley in almost every town and city. Chances are you haven’t been bowling for a while. Go give it a shot. If there is an extreme difference in skills you might not want to keep score, maybe just make it a learning session.

23. Buy a puzzle and hit a coffee shop

Like the coloring date idea, this one is really relaxing. And there is a lot of time to talk and get to know each other. You just have to make sure that your date likes puzzles rather than finding them dull.

24. Have an upscale picnic

Location is key, so scout out a great spot at a local park. Then go all out with some wine (if they allow booze), cheese, sliced meats, French bread. Spread out a blanket on the ground or at a table, relax, and enjoy being in each other’s company.

25. Plan the perfect vacation

This works best if you share a laptop. Otherwise, you end up both looking at your phones or looking at your separate laptop. Find a country or countries to visit, choose what you want to do, pick some impressive hotels. You’ll be able to see what they find fun and exciting and maybe get some more date ideas for next time.

26. Play badminton in the park

Badminton sets are pretty cheap, and it can be a fun way to spend time in the park. Plus, it is just physically challenging enough to be fun but probably not enough to notice if you have differing levels of physical ability.

27. Find a place you can make a campfire and make smores. Beers always go well with a campfire as well

There is something hypnotic about watching a fire. It makes for an easy, relaxing conversation. And who doesn’t love smores?

28. Go to a car show

This one can be kind of hit or miss depending on how much you both like cars. But even if you both aren’t super into cars, it’s a good excuse to walk around and talk. Plus, if you both have never been to a car show, it might be a cool new experience.

29. Go see some live standup comedy

Not the best place for conversation, but hopefully you’ll both get some good laughs at the show. And as long as you both have fun on the date, that’s what’s important.

30. Do some wine tasting at a local vineyard or wine tasting festival

Always good to support local, and you get some wine in the process! It’s an excellent way to find a new wine you like, plus wine has a way of relaxing nerves.

31. Cook a new recipe together

Find a recipe for something neither of you has ever made and make it. It’s easy to chat while cooking and you get a dinner out of it as well. You can even make shopping for ingredients part of the date. A bottle of wine or beers helps the cooking process stay fun.

32. See a play or musical

Support your local theater scene and check out a play. You won’t be able to talk during the play, but then again you can’t talk during movies either. And whether it’s good or bad, you’ll still have something to talk about afterward. It’s a great spin on the traditional dinner and a movie.

33. Hit up an art museum

Whether you are both into art or not, an art museum can be a quiet place to walk around and have a conversation. If one or both of you are into art, you can talk about the paintings and what you think of them. If you both aren’t into art, you can always play “pretend to be an expert” and make up things about the paintings and sculptures. Consistently good for a laugh.

34. Go horseback riding

Another one that can get a little expensive. But it’s not a standard date idea, and if you or your date has never tried horseback riding, it’s something you won’t forget.

35. Rent a boat, sailboat, or a paddleboat

For this one, a body of water is a must. But most towns or cities have a few lakes around. And there is a good chance someone is renting out things that float. So, go out on the water and have a good time.

36. Backyard camping or just go camping

This one does require a tent and sleeping bags. Leave the phones in the house or the car. Tell ghost stories, look up at the stars, play cards by flashlight, talk, and enjoy the lack of distractions.

37. Catch a sunset

I highly recommend scouting out a good spot ahead of time, and of course, sunsets are best enjoyed with your beverage of choice. You can do a bit of stargazing afterward too, as long as the light pollution isn’t too bad.

38. Go to a VR café / arcade

These are becoming more and more popular. Check on Google maps to see if one has popped up in your area. If there is one in your area, check it out together. You can have an action-packed, creative, or relaxing date at the VR arcade. This is especially memorable if neither of you has tried a full VR set up.

39. Play tour guide and take them to your favorite spots

By being a tour guide, you can share some of the places you really enjoy and see if they enjoy the same types of things you do. Plus, you are already familiar with the place so you can show them around and make sure they get the best experience possible.

40. Find a place with a rock-climbing wall and go rock climbing

Another fun physical activity you can do together. It won’t be an all-day thing, but it’s great for a short date or as an add-on or back-up date.

41. Have a water gun/balloon fight.

This one is definitely a summertime date idea. Running around spraying each other with water and lobbing water balloons can be a great way to have fun and beat the heat. Just make sure to have something lined up for when you finish as this is kind of a short date idea.

42. Darts or pool (best if everyone is bad at it)

Hit up a bar that has darts or pool and give it a go. There are lots of dart and pool games to try, so look up the rules for a game none of you has played and try it out. You might find you like pool or darts, or you might just head back to the bar. Either way, a win!

43. Play a sport or do an activity you are both horrible at or have never done

Some possibilities might be table tennis, bowling, badminton, or something similar. Making sure you are both horrible at it is vital. You don’t want either one of you taking it too seriously. It should be good for a laugh.

44. Go to a local nonprofessional sports game

Like a high school football game or a little league game. Choose a side to cheer for or cheer for opposing teams. Lots of fun and usually quieter than professional sports games. Plus, a lot cheaper. It’ll give you a lot of chances to talk, and you’ll be able to support a local team!

45. Play tour guide and take them to your favorite spots

By being a tour guide, you can share some of the places you really enjoy and see if they enjoy the same types of things you do. Plus, you are already familiar with the place so you can show them around and make sure they get the best experience possible.

46. Rent a skateboard or longboard and give it a go

So, this one. This one is a bit risky. It can be a lot of fun no matter what your or their skill level is. But if one of you gets seriously injured, well that’s not fun at all. A trip to the hospital does not make for a good date. So, choose this date idea with an ounce of caution.

47. Have an upscale picnic

Location is key, so scout out a great spot at a local park. Then go all out with some wine (if they allow booze), cheese, sliced meats, French bread. Spread out a blanket on the ground or at a table, relax, and enjoy being in each other’s company.

48. Take turns listening to each other’s favorite songs

This date idea works really well for those couples who love music. You can introduce each other to awesome music. Nothing bonds people faster than sharing in something that you both love.

49. Play some board games or card games at a board game café or a gaming store (they usually have tables set up)

So, depending on how competitive you both are, this idea can be a little dangerous. (Looking at you monopoly.) But as long as you both aren’t taking it too seriously; it can be a blast. Pick out a favorite board game or choose a new one that looks interesting.

50. Go to the nearest amusement park or water park

Amusement parks and water parks are always a blast, so if you’ve got one not too far away give it a go. It’s, of course, better if you can do it on a weekday, but if you both work all week, weekends are doable as well.

51. Play a sport or do an activity you are both horrible at or have never done

Some possibilities might be table tennis, bowling, badminton, or something similar. Making sure you are both horrible at it is vital. You don’t want either one of you taking it too seriously. It should be good for a laugh.

52. Rent a convertible sports car or luxury car and cruise around all day

This is another one that is on the expensive side. But it’s a lot cheaper than buying a sports or luxury car! Just make sure to check the weather before you get the convertible.

53. Play pinball and switch between balls

This is more of a short date activity idea. It’s probably not a full date idea unless you both REALLY love pinball. But it can be a lot of fun, especially if you try to beat a high score together on the machine or if you try out a bunch of different

54. Find the nearest small stream, make small boats, and then race them down the stream

If you bring along a picnic, you can make a day of it. Of course, this one is very weather dependent so you’ll have to decide if it will be a nice day out. But even if the weather is bad, we have plenty of other date ideas that are great for inside dates as well.

55. Power out date night

Pretend like there is no power and no charge in your devices. Party like it’s 1799! Break out the candles and pull out some card or board games or whatever you usually do when the power goes out.

56. Adult kids party

Have a kids birthday party for yourselves. With a cake (the sillier, the better), a present for each of you, a pinata, pin the tail on the donkey, etc. Basically, whatever party games and decorations you want to rock. Because why should kids have all the fun?

57. Fancy fast food feast

Dress in your finest and use your best plates, glasses, and silverware and candles and have a fancy fast food meal. It can be at home or in the fast food restaurant. Go super fancy and sophisticated with your burger and fries. You could even pair it with a nice box of wine.

58. Play fake tour guide/art expert

Go to a museum or historical location. Pretend to be the tour guide or expert and make up outrageous “facts” about the art or the history of the area for your date. Then switch roles. Bonus points if you pick up random people for your tours.

59. Antique shop creativity

Make up histories for the items, buy old photos and make up identities and maybe put them in a photo album, buy an old appliance or machine and try to use it, restore an old piece of furniture. Antique stores have a lot of neat stuff in them. You’ll both probably come home with some neat trinkets or decorations for your house. Plus, you get to guess what some of the old tools/appliances were used for. Lots to talk about and check out in antique stores.

60. Go fossil hunting

This one depends a lot on where you live. Some places it’s really easy to find fossils, some areas not so much. Look up finding fossils in your area and see where the best places are to look.

61. Create a new type of dessert together

Desserts are great for experimentation because if you slap enough sweet stuff together, it will probably still taste good. So, let your creativity run wild, make a mess of your kitchen, and get decadent with some sweets.

62. Get some sidewalk chalk and get creative

Cheap, fun, and good for a laugh. It’s more fun than you’d expect making the concrete and asphalt your canvas, even if you are both terrible at drawing.

63. Find some cool science experiment videos on YouTube and try them out

Whether they fail or succeed, you are both sure to have a good time trying them out. Just make sure to go shopping ahead of time to get all the ingredients and create a playlist of stuff to try. You can both choose some videos to try before the date.

64. Take a factory or brewery or bakery tour

Sounds like a field trip, but it’s usually pretty entertaining. If nothing else, it’s a date idea that neither of you has tried! Plus, if you go for a bakery or brewery tour, you get some tasty samples.

65. Go foraging for edible plants and berries and make a meal with them

You’d be surprised how many plants we consider weeds are edible. You and your date definitely need to be very open minded for this one, but it can be a fun way to cook dinner together and learn about what plants and weeds are edible.

66. Drive around looking for yard sales and see if you can find any cool stuff

It’s like treasure hunting! You can find out what kind of stuff they are into and maybe find some super cool things for yourself. Plus driving around looking at random people’s stuff leads to some funny conversations.

67. Learn about local history and visit some historical spots

Okay so not everyone is interested in history, but this can be a great way to learn more about your town. And you’ll get to travel around to places in your town you might not have visited. You’d be surprised how much fascinating history there is in every town and city.

68. Make a list of missions to accomplish and see how many you can get through

Some examples might be: buy ice cream from an ice cream truck, find 3 pay phones, get a bull’s eye, jump over four benches, etc. You need a little creativity for this date idea, but it’s entirely doable. You could also get your date to send some mission ideas as well. This date idea is adaptable and is as fun as you make it.

69. Spend an hour planning out future dates.

Power! Of! Positive! Thinking! Also, a good way to get a partner who’s usually too chill to make plans to actually make plans.

70. Find a photo booth. You know what to do.

71. Go for a hike.  Exploring nature with your boo is weirdly intimate.

72. Take a cooking class. One word, one movie. Ratatouille. (Surprisingly sweet love story there too!)

73. Go skiing. Because it’ll make you super cold, which gives you an excuse to warm each other up later.

74. Make out in the backseat of your car. It’s like you’re 16 again with no curfew and you actually know what you’re doing.

75. Walk someone’s dog together. Sign up for Wag and pretend you own all the dogs your apartment can’t actually accommodate.

76. Go on a double date. Take any of these dates and do that with two more people.

77. Book a dinner cruise. Boats are romantic. Dinners are romantic. This is double romantic.

78. Make your own pizza (including dough) from scratch. Bonus points if you can guess each other’s fave toppings.

79. Rent a hotel room. Last-minute reservation services like OneNight make this weirdly affordable.

80. Swim with dolphins. This will change your life.

81. Go for a boat ride. It’s like going on a long drive, except on the water.

82 Hot Air Balloon Ride. Take a ride up above the clouds. Enjoy a breathtaking view with your love.You might want to celebrate the beauty with a glass of wine.

83. Snorkeling. Spend some time with sea creatures and underwater ruins. Take pics or just fetch the amazing moments into your mind.

84. Play Charades

What good are charades if you don’t have an audience to contend with? Playing charades on a double date is a great way to mix and mingle with another couple and to have fun.

85. Climb A New Peak And Open A Bottle Of Wine There

Enjoy an adventurous climb. After conquering the mountain, celebrate with a glass of wine. Celebrate with a picnic even. You deserve it! Just don’t sit too close to the edge.

86. Go To The Airport And Buy A Ticket For The Cheapest Destination Of The Day.

Be spontaneous. Imagine going to the airport not having a clue where you’re headed. I can feel the anxiety building already.

87. Watch A Movie Beside A Fireplace.

Whether the weather outside is frightful, cuddle up on the couch for an indoor date night.

88. Take a boxing class together. Even if you don’t feel like punching them, maybe you sort of feel like punching them?

89. Pretend to be an ultra-wealthy couple, test drive expensive cars or go to open houses

It can be a lot of fun pretending to be someone else. You can make up fake names and backstories for yourselves as well. See how well you can pull it off. You might want to celebrate the beauty with a glass of wine.